Our next Fit Connections Fitness Blitz will be starting on Tuesday 27th January, 2015. The first week will include fitness testing, food & PT planning, & connecting with others, then 8 weeks of dedicated fitness training. Numbers are strictly limited to provide individual attention, so call NOW for details:  07 3889 8039 or melinda@fitconnections.com.au

Fit Connections’ Fitness Blitz is NOT just about weight loss, it’s about making a concentrated effort, with the guidance of fitness professionals, to achieve fitness goals you may have for yourself; making it some degree of priority for a short few weeks of your life, and using the support of a group to keep you on track and help you achieve things you may never had done before.

This may be to compete in a particular event, either just for fun, or to aim to win. It may be to achieve your personal bests in whatever fitness activities are important to you. It may be to just get your overall eating, health and fitness back on track. And for some, it will mean losing some weight to get into a healthy body fat range which is imperative to living a vital, productive long life.

A great “side-effect” of being fitter, faster, stronger & eating well is that you will look better too, and there’s no doubt that this is a wonderful bonus.

And just as fantastic is the great feeling that comes from accomplishment – we’d like you to be part of that. So it is well suited to athletes looking to step up to a new level, those taking tentative steps into exercise, and everyone in between.

Phone NOW:  07 3889 8039 or email melinda@fitconnections.com.au