Lifestyle & Minimalist Coaching

Life is an adventure!!  Sometimes on an upward trajectory; sometimes times giving us more challenges; while other times leave us feeling flat, frustrated, disoriented or a million other emotions.  In any of those cases, sometimes it can help to consider lifestyle options “outside the box” – even if by doing so, it helps to reinforce you are on the right track, exactly as you are.  Sometimes it takes another person to look from the “outside – in” to assist you to take a whole-life approach to your physical health and your lifestyle options.

There are many ways to live, outside what are considered “the norm” in our Westernised societies.  One option is Minimalist living – the desire to DO MORE and BE MORE with LESS “things”.   I can help you with small- or large-scale changes to your home or lifestyle, towards a more Minimalist approach and thinking.  The thought of Minimalism may be appealing, but extremely daunting – let me help you break into into simple chunks and steps. Or maybe you just need some “tweaks” and “tips”.

The advantages of Minimalist living are numerous, limited only by your imagination. But the most common reasons given for loving a life where possessions are cut back include:

– more time for everything important in life;
– cost-savings;
– improved life energy flow;
–  simplicity;
–  reduction in stress;
–  more time for healthy lifestyle behaviours (exercise, meditation,
    cooking, time with family/friends etc etc)
–  reduction in consumptive behaviours and environmental advantages;
–  greater connection with self;
–  more time to BE who you want in the world, rather than just DO
–  less “busy-ness”
–  more connection with people, animals, nature
–  more focus on life EXPERIENCES and/or adventure, rather than
–  so many others …… let’s brainstorm if/how it could help YOU!

Pricing of my services depends on what services are required, time taken  and whether it is online, face-to-face or live-in.  In keeping with my philosophy of Minimalist living myself, I ENCOURAGE you to talk to me about services or skills you can offer to me, in return for my assistance. Yes, sometimes I will need monetary payment to sustain me, but I’d love to find better options to help each other through life, where we can. Contact me today for a free, no obligation consultation!

I may be able to assist you with:

House decluttering - advice so you can do it yourself... right through to full live-in-your-home "do it all for you" services. Or anything in-between

Document sorting

Travel coaching and Minimalist living

General lifestyle coaching.

Ready to Make Your Life BETTER?

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Other Specialities

Mel at Simply Live has created a space where you feel welcome and ready to be successful in your goal to become healthier. It is so worth it to let Mel push you to succeed and you will succeed with her help. What can I say, it’s hard and fun at the same time so worth. I really do appreciate all you do at Simply Live, you have changed my life for the long run, thank you.

I’ve been doing PT with Mel (owner) for approx 3.5 months now and have been impressed by her knowledge and her ability to change things up to avoid the whole thing becoming mundane. She has a genuine interest in helping her clients reach their goals and be at their best. I’ve tried other personal trainers in the past who when compared to Mel, lack both knowledge and empathy in the way they work with clients. Overall it’s a definate thumbs up and 5 stars from me

Fantastic place ! Huge results, great atmosphere and trainers. Lost 15kg since starting. Don’t suffer from reflux as bad. Every visit is different, never get bored of the same old routine. Getting much bigger and better results than when I was doing weights only. Highly recommend Mel and the team @ Simply Live.

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

$  130.00

$  280.00  (US$197.00)

  • 60min preliminary consultation by qualified Nutritionist, P.T. & accredited ph360 Health Coach
  • All measurements and data collection to create ph360 Profile
  • 12months unlimited access to your own ph360 Profile which provides ongoing recommended lifestyle adjustments as necessary
$ 130.00

  • 60-90min Consultation to review Profile
  • Usually performed approx 1 week after Initial Consultation
  • Assisting you to understand ALL the resources and tools available within the Profile to allow you to implement lifestyle changes in a time-frame and manner most likely to get you RESULTS
  • Coaching as needed to assist you to set short-term and long-term Health Goals in all areas, or just those you would like to focus on
  • Coaching as needed to assist you identify and implement your preferred first steps
$ 50.00 per 30min or $ 80.00 per 60min
4-pack & 10-pack consultations will be available at discounted rates.

  • The need for follow-up consultations is totally optional and totally driven by you.  
  • It is HIGHLY recommended that at least some follow-up coaching to implement your program and keep you on-track.
  • The need for it, the frequency of appointments & whether they should be spread over a couple of months or the full year, will be recommended to you after reviewing your Health Assessment and what your personality type indicates is most beneficial for you. However, regardless of this outcome, the choice is yours!!