Simply LIVE

In a complicated world, let’s connect to find the joy of simplicity.
Living simply to Simply LIVE.

Is it possible to move through the world in a new (old) paradigm?  Does it ALWAYS have to be about money, even between “strangers”?   I’d like to share my talents and skills with you & maybe you can offer some of yours in return.

If you feel that you are constantly on a treadmill; the world has become too fast, too fake, too plastic, too impersonal and/or too complex;  stay with us for a while. Take a breath.  Learn how to take big or small steps to create your own FULL, RICH and BREATHTAKING life, through simplicity and getting back in contact with who you are when you just BE rather than do.

Within each service area offered I have indicated the Australian Dollar monetary value associated with my service offered.  In today’s world, I still need a small amount of monetary income, so some of my services will need to be paid in currency; but I encourage you to consider what you can offer in other ways to assist in my survival and my growth if you wish – food, accomodation, clothing, services/skills etc.
Let’s talk about it. I have trust in the generosity of others. Can we foster more in the world by sharing our generosity between us?
Let’s try.
Let’s talk about this.
Let’s talk about whether we can move through the world much more “simply” but with more fullness,  connectedness, compassion, humanity and care

Offering  Lifestyle & Minimalist Coaching; Pet & House Sitting; Teaching English as a Second Language and Health Coaching

Teaching English as a Second Language

Lifestyle & Minimalist Coaching

Health Coaching

Are You Ready To Launch?

So many people say to me “We’d love to be doing some of the stuff you do, but we can’t because….” Many people think they can have everything they want and still keep everything they have.  They want a new life, they want to experience new adventures or options, but...

Why Buses Are My Travel Mode of Choice

Some people turn their noses up at the thought of bus travel, in favour of plane travel.  These are the reasons I prefer bus travel, where time and circumstances permit (not in this order of importance): More comfortable. Check out the size of the seating, bigger than...

Let’s Talk About Money

... and material possessions.. Once upon a time, there was a girl called Mel. She had a great life. She was enjoying much of her life and things were going well. At one point, she had five houses, two businesses, three cars, was raising a son well on her own. She was...

Is It Always Selfish To Be Selfish?

DAVID J. FLOOD VIDEO  Do you think we hold back on doing some of the things we truly desire because we think it is selfish? I suppose I am not speaking of all things, but for me, specifically, it is about living the life I now choose to lead, one of a global nomad,...

Synchronicity. Trust.

Trusting yourself, life, that things will work out, letting go of perceived control, living the life you want, not holding back because you are worried about outcomes. That is the power of synchronicity. I have talked to many people about my lifestyle change, online...

Runaway Lifestyles 12months On

Well, I'm not even sure where/how/if to start. What an incredible year it's been since I flew out of Australia to go to London to see Dylan 12months ago, and ended up staying and traveling much longer than planned. After selling up almost everything I owned. When I...

The Nourishment of Friends

This is how I am eating today - through the Nourishment of Friends. My actual food. For me it is a symbol of the change I am evolving towards and highlights the different in perspective and focus in "earning money" in order to "live". Take at a...

Writing about the Changes in ME

After getting back to Australia, from 11months traveling, it is taking me a while to process my feelings about my lifestyle change and minimalism and so many things, and I still am! But I'll try to chunk down some thoughts into smaller pieces, and post over time, so I...

Change Your Life, Change Your “Stuff”

Sometimes we need to get on a mission to declutter and simplify or minimalise our lives for many reasons. It’s an interesting journey and can change your life. And if you truly want to change your life you need to do some sort of decluttering or simplifying or moving out of the old stuff to make space for the new. This is the start of my adventure into changing my life and embracing the next half or my existence.

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