Teaching English as a Second Language

Let Me Help You Get On Track! .

I understand how frustrating it is to try to learn a new language, as an adult. In Australia, we are barely taught any languages, and after traveling for over 2 years trying to understand the basics of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese while constantly swapping between them, I do know how it feels!!  Aaargh!

 So let’s laugh together about all the silly misunderstandings we make and find creative ways to help you remember the things you find tricky.  Or, you may be quite a competent English speaker, but need help refining your skills in a business environment, to jump to a higher level, or just to practice your newfound skills. Talk to me about swapping products or services with me, in exchange for language services; although sometimes monetary payment may be required.

On-line or in-person (depending on location)

Full structured tuition or language practice

Basic English for things like holidays or communicating with English-speaking tourists; or helping you work towards full English-language proficiency

Business English specialty. Having worked in corporate environments and ran my own businesses over a 30 year period, I understand that English for business requires some special attention & is best taught by someone who understands the business environment.

If you are European Portuguese, I would be happy to do pure language exchange online or in-person (depending on location)

Want to Learn English or Improve?

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