Fit Connections is renowned for its’ Fitness Challenges & Blitz’s and our upcoming New Year New You 6 Week Fitness Blitz will be no different. Now that everyone is back to work and kids are back to school, it’s time to make good on those New Year’s Resolutions. Fit Connections unleashes our own special brand of fitness challenge, which will boost your Fitness and have you pumping & excited to start your year.  Don’t you want to be fitter and healthier this year? Mid-March is only 6 weeks away, and you CAN surprise yourself with what you can accomplish in that time, with the support of our Fit Connections’ community, expert trainers and advice and nutritional support.

Our 6 Week Fitness Blitz gets started on Saturday 30th January, 2016.  It’s all about YOU and YOUR goals, and helping you change HABITS for your life, with fun and support.  JOIN WITH A FRIEND who is new to Fit Connections and get a $47 REFUND on your fees!

To give you plenty of attention, we STRICTLY LIMIT participant numbers.  To register, simply:

Text NEW ME to 0413 279 423
or Click below to find out more &/or register online:


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Everyone wants to look great, and so do we. But we ALSO want you to KEEP any excess fat off and have a more healthy, vibrant, energetic life.  And for those of you who are already in great shape, our 6-Week Fitness Blitz can help you kick-butt on your next Fitness Goal or help you set some new ones if you’ve lost a bit of motivation recently. You KNOW that if you go into the this year feeling sluggish and blaaaaghh AGAIN, you’ll just be doing another year going backwards. Do it differently, knock it out of the water by going in feeling strong and proud, with tips to help you smash this year and be leaner and fitter. Start NOW!

And don’t forget, do a friend a favour and join the Blitz with them for added support, and get $47 DISCOUNT!

Text NEW YOU to 0413 279 423
or Click below to find out more &/or register online:


You’ve TALKED about it long enough, NOW is the time to take ACTION. .

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