Fit Connections plays host to Dan McTainsh of G.S.F.P. Training, a specialist in Endurance Training. Dan’s focus in Triathlon Training, as well as each of the individual components of Running, Cycling and Swimming.  Dan’s training is not included in Fit Connections’ regular weekly membership, but offers both Personal Training (at the rates shown on our Personal Training page) and the following Small Group Training sessions. Numbers are strictly limited at both sessions, so bookings are essential.


A mixture of a cycling specific strength program and developing pedaling technique and cycling metabolic pathways for those serious about improving their cycling ability.  Each session consists of working participants through a structured strengthening pathway aimed at improving their muscular endurance and power on the bike aswell as an indoor cycling session targeting pedaling technique and developing energy pathways to improve cycling performance. Sessions are generally limited to 6 participants.


This is the latest and greatest of indoor cycling technology.  Using bluetooth and ant+ capabilities the Wahoo Kickr takes indoor cycling to a new level.  No longer will you have to guess how hard you are working or how fit you are, the wahoo kickr will give you direct feedback on how your cycling fitness is tracking through direct data feedback such as  power, heart rate, Training Stress Score etc.

Race your mates and be pushed like never before.  In these sessions you see directly how one rider is performing against another rider from the visual display in front of each rider.  Race on iconic courses or have one custom built for your cycling goals the options are endless in these sessions.

Develop your individual cycling game and leave no weak spots.  With this technology Dan can develop your “power profile” and pinpoint exactly where you are lacking as a cyclist and devleop a training program and sessions to help turn weak points into your weapon.

All the technology is here in the classes, the participant just needs to bring his/her bike and any bike computers, cadence meters etc that they usually ride with. Sessions are limited to 3 Participants.

The Wahoo Kickr is utilised in these sessions. More details on the Kickr can be seen here:
Wahoo Fitness: About KICKR Power Indoor Bike Trainer