After getting back to Australia, from 11months traveling, it is taking me a while to process my feelings about my lifestyle change and minimalism and so many things, and I still am! But I’ll try to chunk down some thoughts into smaller pieces, and post over time, so I don’t ramble more than I need to.

But before I get started, I really want to emphasise that this is MY stuff, what I have learnt, and what feels right for ME amd MY life. I expect some of the things I talk about may be confronting; it may feel that I am disrespecting or knocking YOUR way of life in some way. That is not the case, as such. How most people live their lives in Australia, is the same way I did until recently, but it no longer serves ME. I don’t disrespect it because I was there too, and if you are perfectly happy, then you may have no reason to change that, and there is no “judgement” on that from my part, I am very happy for you.

But so many people I meet have said they were NOT feeling completely happy. Frustration, anxiety, depression, feeling “stuck”, overwhelm, unhealthy, tired, lost, lonely or a myriad of other things. And for many, a desire to “runaway” and do something different. Well, if you want something to change, you need to change something. It may not be doing what I did, but I hope in sharing bits and pieces of where I am and what has changed for you, it DOES confront you sometimes. And gives you reason to take pause and look at where that comes from. To stop and re-read what I’ve written, write some comments, ask questions, challenge, whatever you need to do, to decide if some aspect of it could benefit you. Just be OPEN to taking in some of my thoughts and truly seeing how they resonate with you and what they bring up for you. If you can pull out just one sliver of something which hits home for you, and implement that, who knows where it will lead?! And if not, then either CHOOSE to be truly happy with the life you lead now or keep looking for other avenues for other ideas; and this page is just some light storybook reading for you. And that’s perfectly fine too.

I feel like I have barely toe-kicked the top of a very big iceberg for me. Things are changing so fast I know that anything I say now, I may completely disagree with in a year. But that is ok. What I can say is this…. I have never been filled with such a consistent level of happiness and peace, The sort which radiates from my body like I have just fallen madly romantically in love, but combined with a peace and one-ness I find hard to explain. I want to keep doing things and evolving, for that to continue. I wish that for all of you. I am very grateful to have had great people by my side in this past year.

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