Fit Connections’ Group Training Prices allow you to attend our sessions via regular Fortnightly Direct debits. We also welcome Casual Visitors.

Once registered for fortnightly-advance direct debits, you are welcome to attend as many group sessions per week as you want. We don’t lock you into a contract because we only want our trainings filled with people who WANT to be there and enjoy training alongside each other. You simply have to give us up to 14days notice to cancel the next direct debit.

If you are only in town just for a short time, we welcome Casual Visitors & will be happy to work something out to fit in with your needs.

Direct Debit All-Inclusive:                 $35.00 per week
Debited fortnightly in advance          (As many group sessions as you want in one week)
No lock-in contract. 14 days notice to cancel direct debit.

Casual attendance:                           $20.00 per session

*Note: group training session types/times may change from time to time, without notice, but we hope to add and change to meet demand