Mel at Fit Connections has created a space where you feel welcome and ready to be successful in your goal to become healthier. It is so worth it to let Mel push you to succeed and you will succeed with her help. What can I say, it’s hard and fun at the same time so worth. I really do appreciate all you do at Fit Connections, you have changed my life for the long run, thank you.


It’s time I gave this place a good wrap. I’m not easily persuaded to write glowing reports unless I’ve been truly impressed! This place is fantastic and has a culture like no other gym I’ve been too. Everyone is pulling in the same direction and nobody is judgemental. This helps as a newbie trying to regain both fitness and confidence. I’ve been doing PT with Mel (owner) for approx 3.5 months now and have been impressed by her knowledge and her ability to change things up to avoid the whole thing becoming mundane. She has a genuine interest in helping her clients reach their goals and be at their best. I’ve tried other personal trainers in the past who when compared to Mel, lack both knowledge and empathy in the way they work with clients. Overall it’s a definate thumbs up and 5 stars from me


Fantastic place ! Huge results, great atmosphere and trainers. Lost 15kg since starting. Don’t suffer from reflux as bad. Every visit is different, never get bored of the same old routine. Getting much bigger and better results than when I was doing weights only. Highly recommend Mel and the team @ fit connections.


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